Verify / Change the Partner of Record (POR) on an Office 365 Subscription

Q: (from Brian)

How do we insure we are the Partner of Record?


A: (with help from my peer Todd Sweetser)

Although the basic steps documented in JJ’s post on the same topic (How to Add the Partner of Record (POR) to an Office 365 Beta Account) are essentially accurate, I thought I would provide an example with updated screenshots:

1a) From the Small Business Office 365 Administrative console, have the customer select “Manage and purchase licenses” link:



1b) From the Midsized Business or Enterprise Office 365 Administrative console, have the customer select “Licensing” link:



2) From the Licenses Subscriptions screen, select one of the active subscription links:



3) From the Subscriptions Details screen, go to the lower right corner to fill in the partner information:



4) Have the customer put in your partner cloud ID and click OK:



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Comments (6)

  1. David Wojciechowski says:

    This is a good tip. But all partners must understand that they are not the partner of record on the “Tenant” account only on the assigned license. I found this out while making a change on a tenant account where my client had added a different Office 365 license and I was NOT the POR. This was a big shock to me and my Microsoft sales reps.

  2. Steve Deming says:

    I always suspected this, but all of my trials only have one license subscription, so I was never able to verify it. Thanks for the comment/feedback!

  3. FCrespo says:

    I there! I’m trying to change a POR ID on one of my company customers tenant, the edit link to change the record is missing. Why is that?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. marwa faisal says:

    what if there is an error that partner can't find there ID ( not recognized) however partner is gold active and their MOSPA is renewed and active?? can any one help??

  5. Steve Deming says:

    @FCrespo – Some Office 365 tenants are created through mechanisms that do not support POR. For example, accounts created by an Office 365 syndicator like Go Daddy do not have the ability to have their POR changed.

  6. Steve Deming says:

    @marwa faisal – If you are having problems identifying your Partner ID, you can log into your Microsoft Partner Membership Center ( to confirm your ID. If that still isn't working, contact Microsoft directly at the Regional Service

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