Single-Sign On with Office365 and your other third-party cloud services


Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

Back in November, in my blog post Accessing your Office 365 Admin Console using Azure (WAADM)! I discuss the application integration capabilities of Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD).  How customers can use WAAD to manage user access to their Office 365 subscription AND user access to over 750 Microsoft and third-party applications!  Organizations can easily manage user access to all of their cloud services right from one user management console in the cloud.  The ease of setting this up is the most exciting part!  Following is simple guidance on setting up your centralized cloud management on WAAD:

Step 1:  Setup access to your Office 365 WAAD console

Step 2:  From your Office 365 WAAD console, start adding your third party cloud service application integrations.  Following is an example of adding a Dropbox integration in the Azure portal:

Login to your Azure portal at and click on the “Active Directory” tab on the left pane.  Click on the directory used to manage your Office 365 users.


Click on “Manage access to applications”:


Click the “Add” option on the bottom bar

Choose “Add an application for my organization to use”


Select the checkbox on the bottom-right to add the application integration to WAAD


Follow the application specific instructions to configure single sign-on for your newly added service.  It’s that easy!

Add additional application integrations that your customers are using.  Accessing the cloud has never been this easy!

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