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Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

On the heels of my colleague Tim’s excellent post on Microsoft Cloud Trust Center Resources I thought a single place to access the currently available FAQs that cover various aspects of Windows Azure would be helpful.  There are multiple FAQs available on the Windows Azure site that answer many common questions. 

First, the Windows Azure Purchase FAQ.  This page has many pointed questions regarding the various methods that Azure can be acquired.  One example that can be important for partners using their Internal Use Rights:
Can I try Windows Azure for free, without any risk of being charged?

Yes. With our new Spending Limit feature, customers (and partners) who sign up for a Free Trial, MSDN or Cloud Essentials offer can utilize Windows Azure without any fear of getting charged as long as they keep the Spending Limit feature turned on.

Another helpful FAQ is regarding Virtual Machines, called not surprisingly the Virtual Machines Licensing FAQSmile  This covers a variety of licensing scenarios when the Azure IaaS (VM) services are utilized.   A common question I have heard is the following:
Does a customer need Windows Server CALs to connect to a Windows Server image that is running in Windows Azure Virtual Machines?

No. Windows Server CALs are not required for accessing Windows Server running in the Windows Azure environment because the access rights are included in the per-minute charge for the Virtual Machines. Use of Windows Server on-premises (whether in a VHD or otherwise) requires obtaining a separate license and is subject to the normal licensing requirements for use of software on-premises.

Finally, questions about how Support works with Azure are always top of mind.  There is a Windows Azure Support FAQ that helps to answer many of them.  Partners can utilize the variety of support programs that are offered, and this question answers a question I hear about the ability to support their customer subscriptions that are under their tenant:
Does the flat monthly rate cover a single Windows Azure subscription or the entire account? 

The flat monthly cost for Windows Azure Support covers the entire account regardless of how many subscriptions you have under the account or how much usage you have with Windows Azure. All subscriptions under an account share the same support plan.

Finally, while not a FAQ, the Windows Azure Blog is an excellent resource for learning about the latest information on Azure.  Things are moving fast in the Azure space, suggest adding the feed to this blog to your favorite RSS Reader!

Thanks, and good selling!

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