Attend THE MEC (Microsoft Exchange Conference) in Austin March 31 – April 2

J.J. Antequino


Not to be confused with the MEC (Microsoft Experience Center) Open-mouthed smile, the Microsoft Exchange Conference is coming to Austin at the end of March.



MEC is the premier global event for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 professionals.

But the tour is almost at an end! The headlining event is coming up fast, so be sure to register to attend MEC in Austin, March 31 – April 2.

MEC attendees will have an opportunity to enhance their skills, as well as meet with peers, speakers, and the people who actually build and maintain the product.

As a special offer to you, our rock star customer, we’re offering 10% off the regular ticket price. Now you can save $200 when you use the promo code MECORBUST when you register.




We started with our first 50, but we've doubled down and hit 100 unique sessions. Check out our full session list now at


What happens when you throw a bunch of Exchange subject matter experts on a stage with an open microphone and a free pass to speak their minds? We don't know either. But you can find out by attending this series of unscripted, unrecorded live sessions. Check out the full playlist of Unplugged sessions at


"FUTURE LOOK @" series
Teaser Alert! So you want to know what's around the corner for Exchange? We're pulling together this series of sessions to give you a sense of what we're working on, but aren't ready to go full monty just yet. Get your geek on and private eye these sessions now at
MEC is like the concert of the year for email. Don't set yourself up for that frown you'll get when your buddies say "dude, you had to be there."



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