Is it Supported on Windows Azure?

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Rob Waggoner


As you can tell from my prior blog posts, I’m really digging into Windows Azure and as I talk about Windows Azure, one question continues to come up.  “Is this supported on Windows Azure?”.  The answer depends on the scenario, but we have a knowledge base article here that lists the Microsoft server software support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines

This article was last updated (as of this writing) on January 31, 2014, so it is being kept up to date.

As you read through this article, you will see that we support a lot of the Microsoft Server Applications in Windows Azure.  Some of the applications are supported in Windows Azure with limitations.  Take Windows Server for example; Windows Server is supported on Windows Azure, but not all of the roles and features within Windows Server are supported on Windows Azure.  The exclusions make sense, of course we cannot support Hyper-V on Windows Azure since you cannot run Hyper-V within a Virtual Machine.  For the other exclusions like DHCP, Windows Azure has its own DHCP like service. 

Please bookmark this page, it has already been updated 18 times and continues to grow.  I usually check it every few weeks.

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