Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project with Cloud Server Specification


Woody Walton


On Monday January 27th and with a live follow-up by Bill Laing, CVP Cloud & Enterprise, at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in San Jose, CA, Microsoft joined the OCP and shared its “Cloud Server Specification”.

You can Read Bill’s Blog Post here and also view his recorded keynote from the summit as well.

Searching online will yield a ton of articles and coverage, but the nuts and bolts are included in the Cloud Server Specification blog post by Kushagra Vaid, General Manager, Server Engineering on the Microsoft Datacenters blog.  There are links to a thorough Whitepaper and a video discussion with Kushagra within the post.

Although I am not adding any content to the previously mentioned posts, I do have some insight.  I posted this because it is a great selling tool for partners who are pushing Office 365, Azure and other cloud services.   Formerly. we were much more vague in discussing how we run and what we run in our datacenters.  Although much info was available on our Global Foundation Services website, it has before now been a little bit of a black box.

With the release of this more detailed and thorough information, you can answer many more questions your customers may have about moving to the Microsoft Cloud.   As we all know, customers need to trust in what both Microsoft and you do.  The contribution of the Microsoft Cloud Server Specification to OCP opens the kimono so to speak.  You can now speak more confidently to the nature of how we run our datacenters.  You can now answer more questions as to what servers the customers data will be running on and stored on.

Below is a teaser of what you will find in the above links:




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