The SMB Advantage: Cloud Easy incentive ends on January 31st!

J.J. Antequino


When your customers purchase certain Office 365 offerings from January 1st through the 30th, they are eligible for a partner subsidy check that  they can use with you!

The amount of partner subsidy funds available to a Qualified Organization is determined by multiplying the total annualized subscription value of the eligible Microsoft Online Services purchased during the offer period by 10.0%.

There is a minimum requirement of 5 seats and a maximum of 200 per qualifying product.

So for example, if you are working with a customer that purchases 100 seats of Office 365 E3 at $20 per month (or $240 per year), your customer would receive a check in the amount of $2400 that they could spend with you.

This is on top of the POR of record fees that you would earn!

Here’s a snapshot of the eligible offerings:


Send your customers over to the site to read more:

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