Windows 8.1 Preview License Expires Jan 2014


Thank you for using the Windows 8.1 Preview. Partners should communicate with their customers to make sure they move to the final released versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 before January 2014 when the license for the preview will expire.

Plans should be made to move to the released version of Windows 8.1 or return to the prior OS version as soon as possible to avoid interruption in use of the device on which the Windows 8.1 Preview was installed.

Options for updating to the final release of Windows 8.1 depend on how Windows 8.1 Preview or Windows RT 8.1 Preview was installed.  Follow the guidelines provided at

To find out more about updating to Windows 8.1, see Update to Windows 8.1: FAQ.

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Kathleen Molosky, PST

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Günter Born says:

    Any advice for users who are now behind January 15th of 2014? Because Windows 8.1 Preview will shut down all 2 hours – so download and upgrade from store will be not possible, if internet connection is slow.

  3. Nunya says:

    Yep, same here. Trying to update but machine restarts before download is complete and then starts over at the beginning…

  4. Anonymous says:

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