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Rob Waggoner


Have you heard of our Cluster-in-a-box (CIB)?  Microsoft influenced the hardware manufacturers a while back to build a fully resilient piece of hardware at a more SMB friendly price.  I mentioned our Hyper-V Road shows here, we are actually using a white box version of the CIB as our demonstration platform at these events.

First let me give you some of the details of this hardware, then I’ll share pictures of the actual hardware.

The unit has two servers within the frame.  Here’s a description.


Two servers in each frame.

2 Quad core Intel Xeon E5-2609

64GB Ram

LSI SAS Controller

3 Gigabit Ethernet NIC ports

image The unit has two (redundant) power supplies.
image The unit has 24 TB of shared SAS storage.  This is shared storage so both servers have access to the shared disk.


Here are a few pictures:

image Here is the picture of the actual server.  It’s 2U is size and has the redundancy and capabilities to take care of our SMB customers.
image Here is the server packed in its shipping cabinet
image Packing the server for the next road trip!
image Here is the Anvil shipping crate.  The server is contained within and will tour the country for all of the Road shows I mentioned in my earlier blog post.


While you won’t need to ship your server around, please check out this footprint.  This is a Highly Available Windows Server cluster in a single unit.  Think about what it used to take to setup High Availability.  Does it look something like this?


Multiple physical servers

Multiple physical NIC

Multiple network switches

Shared Storage      

Of course this is a block diagram. I didn’t include all of the cables that are required, but you get the picture.  With the new CIB platform, all of these capabilities are contained in one physical unit.


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  1. Krishna Prasad says:

    Is this the Quanta QCT S810-X52L multimode server?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rob Waggoner I received a question around setting up a cluster for a Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) configuration

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rob Waggoner When we talk about Windows Clustering, we are always talking about the need for High Availability

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