Delivering a Windows To Go Demo

Q: (from Jeff)

So, I wanted to show a customer the Windows to Go.  They previously consolidated their enterprise on Open value in Windows XP, but have since upgraded to a mix of Vista Business and Windows 7 pro with OEM licensing.  I can’t seem to make one of the Windows to Go USB sticks work. 

I have an ActionPack subscription, but does that include the Windows 8 Enterprise edition or is that just a Pro edition?  If I don’t have it, how can I get a Windows to Go USB stick to show them?


Just to remind you – Windows To Go requires “specific” certified USB memory sticks. Here is the Windows landing page for Windows to Go that includes links to all of the approved vendors’ products:

The Microsoft Action Pack Subscription no longer appears to include a license to Windows Enterprise:

so I recommend that you download the 90 day trial:

There are lots of tutorials on how to create and use a Windows To Go image on our Technet site. At the end of this week on Friday 11/08 at 12:30pm EST, I will be hosting a “Sell What You Know” session for D&H Distribution on Windows to Go ( if you would like to join us – no registration required.

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