Five Keys to Partner Success in SMB with Office 365


J.J. Antequino


Looking for some ideas on how you can succeed with your Office 365 practice?

Take a look at this whitepaper!

Five Keys to Partner Success in SMB with Office 365 (Note: You will need your MPN ID/Password to access)

It’s a short 13 page read that shows how high-performing partners are implementing the following best practices:

  1. Implement a low-touch, centralized sales and service model
  2. Acquire new smaller customers in remote locations
  3. Sell annuity-priced bundles
  4. Target business decision makers for cloud services and devices opportunities
  5. Expand the conversation to focus on selling cloud capabilities

The typical deal economics of a 50 seat customer looks like this:


The paper provides:

  • Best practices: Specific recommendations and examples from high performing Microsoft partners around the world  on new practices they have adopted to succeed and profit from growing Office 365 sales and related businesses.
  • Economics: Detail and examples of economic opportunities, as reported by our partners.
  • Recommendations: Specific actions, aligned by typical partner business models.
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