EXTRA! EXTRA! – Take a look at the revamped Touch Wins Program for selling Windows Touch Devices


Woody Walton


For those that know me, they know I am a skeptic.  I would classify myself more as a pragmatist however.  When an incentive comes to market I instantly seek to rip holes in it and figure out where is does not work.   initially I was skeptical of the Touch Wins program largely because I am a champion of the little guy.  My roots run deep when it comes to supporting the smaller partner with smaller customers, so when I saw the Touch Wins program launch with a minimum entry point of 500 devices sales my heart sank.  …but only for a while! 😉

The Touch Wins program has just been updated and lowers the baseline threshold from 500 devices (over 6 months) to 200 devices.  This is much more achievable for the SMB partner.  divide it out and you are looking at just over 30 devices per month in sales, land one bigger deal and you are mostly there!

Below is a summary of the recent changes to Touch Wins:

Important Changes to the Commercial Touch Wins Device Incentive Program for Resellers & Distributors

In response to feedback from our partners and field teams, two important changes have been made to the Touch Wins Device Incentives Program:

  1. The minimum number of eligible Commercial Touch Wins devices that Tier 2 Resellers must purchase to qualify for OEM Device incentives has been lowered from 500 to 200 devices in a 6 month period.
  2. For the Holiday Commercial Featured Devices List that is effective 1 OCT 2013, convertible devices now receive the same accrual rate as the Tablets, increasing the incentive amount from $2 to $3 (for Distributors) and $5 to $7 (for Resellers) per eligible device.

The attached partner communication has been updated with the new numbers.  Please send this out to your partners to get them engaged and a part of the program.


  1. New, Lower Purchase Requirement for Tier 2 Resellers:  A change was made to lower the minimum 6-month purchase requirements of Commercial Touch Wins devices for Tier 2 eligibility to encourage broader Reseller participation.   This change is effective immediately and is retroactive to eligible Commercial Touch Wins device purchases from 1 JUL 2013, as reported by Authorized OEM Distributors and/or OEM Channel Distributors.

To meet Tier 2 eligibility requirements, Resellers will now need to purchase a minimum of 200 eligible Commercial Touch Wins devices, respectively, between 1 JUL and 31 DEC 2013, as reported in Distributor Sales-Out Reports.

The 6-month minimum purchase requirements for Tier 1 Resellers have not changed.  Participating Tier 1 Resellers may accrue both OEM Co-op and Rebate Funds while participating Tier 2 Resellers may accrue OEM Rebate Funds only.  

The chart below show the revised 6-month device purchase requirements for Tier 1 & 2 Resellers:


If you sell newer Windows devices in any quantity, you NEED to look into the Touch Wins program as it complements what you are already doing from a device selling motion.

In a nut shell the Touch Wins program is a rebate (cash or co-op) for selling prescribed Windows Touch devices (list of devices below).  If you re-sell any of the name brand OEMs devices in any quantity, please read further as it means money for you!

Here is a glimpse of the devices that currently qualify:


A complete list of devices can be found at http://us.touchwins.com

How to sign up

In order to participate in this incentive, you will need to sign-up for the Touch Wins program with Microsoft. As a part of this process, you will be required to provide contact information for your company, as well as receipts that validate your relationship with us.  The sign-up tool will go live toward the end of September, although any eligible devices you sell from July – December 2013 will count toward your unit threshold for the current period. More details on the program and process for signing up can be found at http://us.touchwins.com

I have uploaded a the most recent overview presentation of the Touch Wins program here.

It is important to understand that Microsoft’s distribution channel plays a key role in validating your sales.  They will provide all reporting to Microsoft, so establishing this connection is required to qualify.  Reach out to any of our distributors if you need assistance in this matter, but I would ask that you check out http://us.touchwins.com first.

Money is Money.  It always will be.  take a look and see if Touch wins is for you!


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