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Rob Waggoner


If you are already deploying VMware but want to understand more about Hyper-V, we have the event for you!  We are delivering the Hyper-V Road shows throughout the country. 

The Hyper-V Road shows consist of two sessions.  We will have a sales session that will cover how to sell Hyper-V and how you can make money selling Hyper-V vs. VMware.  The second session is targeted for our technical staff and it’s primarily demonstration.  We have a few slides in the afternoon to convey some of the key discussion points, but the bulk of the technical session is demonstration and discussion.

Here is the list of the remaining cities and dates.

St. Louis, MO November 1, 2013
Indianapolis, IN November 4, 2013
Rochester, NY November 6, 2013
Boston, NY November 7, 2013
Austin, TX November 7, 2013
New York, NY November 8, 2013
Philadelphia, PA November 12, 2013
Charlotte, NC November 15, 2013
Tampa, FL November 18, 2013
Atlanta, GA November 21, 2013
Baltimore, MD December 12, 2013
Washington, D.C. December 13, 2013


These events are targeted to the SMB Partner, so please reach out to your Partner Channel Development Manager (PCDM) for the actual registration details.

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  1. How about a link to register?  Can't seem to find these on the main http://www.microsoft.com/events site or on the Microsoft Partner website.

  2. MSFTTS2 says:

    Your Partner Channel Development Manager is handling registration for these events. Please reach out to your PCDM to sign up.

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