Windows Azure Friday

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      Kathleen Molosky, TS2

Windows Azure Friday  is a new series hosted by Scott Hanselman a Principal Program Manager for Azure.  Each Friday Scott and various Developers or Program Managers that built Azure will focus on a different Azure topic  The solutions will be delivered in bite size chunks – short and targeted – no more than 15 minutes long. 

The first week’s discussion between Scott and  Stefan Schackow covered making an Azure Web Site and deploying it all from within Visual Studio 2013 using the new Azure SDK 2.2.   Join next week - Friday, November 1st to hear about important details that are often forgotten when moving your site to the cloud. On-demand recordings are posted at  In conjunction with each Friday’s event, a live chat room discussion will take place starting after 9 a.m. PST providing an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.

The series is a great opportunity to learn more about Azure solutions - so do hope you can attend!


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