Office 365 Feature Excel Web Part for comparing all Plans

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

Wanted to make you aware of a new resource that has been created that can make it easier to learn, discuss and be aware of what capabilities are in each of the many Office 365 offerings.  Of course the Office 365 Service Descriptions continue to be there, but for a quick (and filterable) view there is a new option.

This is an Excel spreadsheet that is now available via the Excel Web App that can easily be set to show info on all offerings (compare the features of Office 365 plans, Office 365 services, and on-premises products) as well as can be filtered down to just what plan(s) you are specifically looking for. 

imageAll plans 


Filtered on E3 and K1

The Excel Web App comparison table is available here.  Note that on the lower right corner of the sheet are links to allow for the following (from left to right):


1. Download the spreadsheet

2. Give Feedback

3. Info on sheet including URL and EMBED URL.

4. View in full Excel Web App form

Enjoy!  And good selling!


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  1. Stephen Cracknell says:

    Hello, I love sharing this list with our clients. Updates are constantly being added to Office 365. How up to date is the information in the spreadsheet? Is there a way you could post a ‘Last Updated’ date on the spreadsheet so we can reference that when
    sharing the spreadsheet.

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