Sell Windows Server 2012 Datacenter with Software Assurance TODAY!


J.J. Antequino


“But J.J., R2 will be available in just a few weeks…. shouldn’t I just wait?”

Have you reviewed the Windows Server 2012 R2 Licensing Datasheet?

If not, I encourage you to download it from [HERE] immediately!

Pay close attention to the price of Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter: $6,155


Until November 1st, you have the opportunity to offer your customers the ability to purchase Windows Server 2012 Datacenter with SA for about $7,215.

“But J.J., that’s more expensive than R2!”

It would seem that way…. however the price for R2 I mentioned above does not include SA!

SA benefits include New Version Rights, 24×7 Problem Resolution Support, Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery, and more.

Additionally, there are partner and customer incentives available today that effectively make purchasing Windows Server 2012 Datacenter with SA a better value!

Let’s run the numbers:

  • Windows Server 2012 Datacenter: $4810
  • Software Assurance: $2405
  • VAR Rebate (15%): $1082
  • SMB Advantage (15%): $1082
  • Ahead of the Game (10%): $721 

$7,215 (ERP) – $2,885 (Rebates/Subsidies) =  $4,330!

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  1. Ryan Katzenmaier says:

    I am wanting to do exactly this.  can you explain to me how to get these rebates/subsidies?

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