Get assistance in building up your Cloud Practice from your preferred Distributor!

Todd Sweetser


Hi Cloud Sellers and would be Cloud Sellers!

Our Cloud partner community continues to evolve and grow at an accelerated pace.  As such the information pool available tends to be everywhere, sometimes making the information you are searching for challenging to find. 

This is a scenario where our Distribution Partners can provide valuable assistance.  These partners have Microsoft focused cloud expertise and can provide Cloud Practice training, guidance, pre-sales technical assistance and programs to help further your practice.  This is all without cost to you, the partner. 

There was a recent page posted on the Microsoft Partner Network which has excellent information on how to associate with your distributor of choice.  There are also videos and contact information from each one that discuss their value proposition to help with your decision.

This resource is called the Distributor Cloud Connections. 



Thanks!  And Good Selling!

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