Distributed File System Replication (DFSR)

Q: (from Lee)

If I set up DFS-R and it is scheduled vs all the time, what will happen in the following scenario:

Joe makes a change to files.txt at 9am. and saves changes Sandy makes a change to files.txt at 11am and saves changes Vince makes a change to files.txt at 1pm and saves changes

The servers sync changes at 6pm

Will all of those changes sync or will only Vince's sync since they were the last?

Will files that are open that have changes made still sync?

Will pst files sync?




Here is a FAQ that I found which answers the questions:



  • Last file is the official replicated copy
  • Previous, un-replicated copies might be stored is a folder of outstanding replicas
  • Open files will not be replicated
  • PST files could be replicated, but only if closed



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  1. Dani H. says:

    The leading principal of DFS-R is "Last writer wins". In the given scenario it means that between 3 versions of the same file, only the one that's the latest will sync. You should consider adjusting your replication schedule according to the frequency of changes made on said files.

    Even though in some cases you might find files in the DFSR PRIVATE directory (under ConflictAndDeleted), it is not a straight forward process getting them back to their original location. You should keep that in mind.

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