How do I “Boot to Desktop” – Windows 8.1

Bryan Von Axelson 2010

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Recently I installed Windows 8.1 Preview on my Samsung Slate, in prep for questions at WPC – See J.J.’s Post -

Anyway I wanted to enable the “Boot to Desktop” capability, as we all know the hype on this enhancement ;), (Never really was an issue for me as WinKey+D is one of my favorite shortcuts) so I looked for it; and looked for it… in the cool new PC Settings, btw – love the new organization of those, and I agree with Paul Thurrott that “Oddly enough” it is not in the PC Settings.

‘Where is it ?’ you might ask – in the new “Taskbar and Navigation Properties”; formerly known as “Taskbar Properties” in Windows 8 – You can access it by going to the desktop – Did I mention WinKey+D? and right click on the taskbar, then select “Properties” from the dialog box.  You should see the following:



Notice under Start Screen you have several options, including “Go to the Desktop…”  Click the checkbox and any other options you wish to enable, then OK.

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