Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 is less than 3 Weeks Away!


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Accelerate your growth and profitability.

At WPC 2013, you’ll experience all our content under four core pillars – Cloud, Big Data, Devices and Mobility, and Enterprise Social. These pillars represent key areas we believe have the most customer acquisition and retention impact, and the largest opportunities in the current marketplace. Understanding, fully engaging, and being able to apply the correct business strategies under each of these models, will provide you, and your organization with the right tools to accelerate your business growth, compete, and become more profitable.

The Value of WPC 2013



Hear from Steve Ballmer, Kevin Turner, and Jon Roskill. 

The conference kicks off on Monday, July 8, with an opening keynote by Jon Roskill, Microsoft Channel Chief, talking about the accomplishments and partner stories that showcase the diversity of solutions partners are delivering. You’ll also hear from Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, who will discuss the transformation of Microsoft to a ‘Devices and Services’ company, and how that dovetails with the industry’s transformation. On Wednesday, July 10, Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner will deliver his view of the marketing, competitive pressures, and our big priorities for the coming year. His insights into effective strategy will be valuable to your business.

The WPC Keynote Line-up



Partner with the US Team.

You are invited to join Jenni Flinders, the Microsoft US Channel Chief, other Microsoft US executives, and hundreds of Microsoft product, sales, and marketing experts from across the business for activities that include:

·       30 US-focused sessions in the US Subsidiary Track

·       The US Diversity and Inclusion Reception on Monday, July 8

·       The US Celebration at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Tuesday, July 9

·       The US Lounge, located in The Commons expo hall

·       Central Region, East Region, and West Region keynotes, as well as an SMB-specific keynote and session, on Thursday, July 11


Register today to join us in Houston. When making your travel plans, remember that Registration, The Commons (expo hall), and WPC Connect all start on Sunday, July 7, and there are US keynotes and sessions planned until mid-day on Thursday, July 11.

WPC 2013 Agenda


We hope you will plan to join us in Houston this year for a great event! Follow the US team on the road to Houston in the WPC Connect US community, through our blog, and on Twitter at @WPCUS.


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