Office 365 Password Sync (part of Directory Sync) Now Available!


Michael Kophs, Cloud TSP

Great news for Office 365 partners and customers that want a simple way to match their AD passwords with their Office 365 passwords!  The Office 365 Directory Synchronization tool (affectionately known as Dirsync) will now synchronize your user’s AD password with their Office 365 password.  Prior to this exciting release that landed yesterday, our only option to match AD passwords with Office 365 was to implement single sign-on w/ AD FS (on-premises build out, expensive to make highly available) or purchase a third-party password sync tool.  As of June 3rd, 2013, password sync is now included in your Office 365 subscription (Midsize and Enterprise Plans only).

Please see the following links for details on this very exciting announcement:

Sign up for the June 27th Ignite Webcast on the new Password Sync

Active Directory Team Blog Password Sync announcement

Instructions for configuring Password Sync

Install or Upgrade the Directory Sync Tool

Good post by a partner on the new Dirsync with password sync

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  1. Sumit says:

    Do we have a repeat session as I am based in Australia and it will 3am (AEST) – 28th June for me.

  2. GregJ says:

    Any reason why this DIRSYNC (or at least just the password sync component ) is not supported with O365 Small Business Premium?   WAAD is still behind the scenes, so can't password sync (via MS DirSync) be activated against the WAAD instance behind an O365  Small Business Premium tennancy?

  3. Potter says:

    Another option is to use 3rd party solutions like WizardSoft ActivePasswords. The benefit is that you can customize it to sync user passwords and attributes to Office 365, but also to other services like Google Apps or CRM. Take a look at it for an easy
    to deploy solution. We use it with good results.

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