Bitlocker – A Windows Differentiator for Business Mobility

Josh Condie 2013

Josh Condie – Bitlocker protects the whole device, not just a document or folder!  Server, Workstation, Laptop and Tablet.  Whether the device is shutdown or in a hibernated state, the full volume is encrypted.  Leave the laptop or tablet in the airplane seat pocket in front of you when you de-plane, and you’ll sleep better knowing your data is unreadable by the lucky next seat inhabitant.  Further, with Windows 8, Bitlocker is now available with the Pro form of the Windows OS (used to be Enterprise only with Windows 7). 

Here are some great resources to get you, your customers and the desktops you manage, started with Bitlocker:

Win 8

· Overview -

· BitLocker Overview -

· AppLocker -

· BitLocker FAQ -

· BL Planning and Policies -

· GPOs -

· Trusted Boot and UEFI -

Win 7

· General Security Enhancements in Win7 -

· Win7 BitLocker Overview -

· Win7 AppLocker Overview -

From the SpringBoard NewsLetter

Protect Data – Windows 7



· V 2.0 Demo -

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