Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) NOW Available as Add-on to Any Enterprise Exchange Online Plan

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

GREAT NEWS!  Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) is now available as add-on to any Enterprise Exchange Online plan.

What does this mean?  Exchange Online Archiving (EOA), including In-Place hold and unlimited storage, was previously only available to be purchased as an add-on to on-premises Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes. Customers who wished to use Exchange Online mailboxes and required In-Place hold (or Litigation hold as it is sometimes called) were required to purchase Exchange Plan 2 (or E3/E4.)  With this enhancement, Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) can now be purchased as an add-on to any Exchange Online plan, including Kiosk and Plan 1.

Specifically, Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) is now available as an add-on for Enterprise K1,K2, E1, A2, G1, and Exchange Online Plan1, Exchange Online K SKUs at a cost of $3.00 per user license per month.

How to add this to purchase:

During purchase process you select to Add your selection to the cart:


Following dialog is displayed, select optional add-ons:


From there you will now see option to add Exchange Online Archiving:


See similar example for the E1 SKU:



For customers who have already purchased the process is as follows:

When accessing your licenses on the Commerce Portal in the Office 365 console here you would see following:


And here you will see optional add-ons section to add Exchange Online Archiving:



Thanks and good selling!

Comments (9)

  1. JJM says:

    Is there a difference in features between Exchange Online Plan 2 and a combination of Exchange Online Plan 1 + Exchange Online Archiving?

    Exchange Online Plan 2 = $8 per month

    Exchange Online Plan 1 + Exchange Online Archiving = $7

  2. Todd says:

    @JJM – Exchange Plan 2 also includes Data Loss Prevention as well as Unified Messaging (voice mail.)  See table on the Exchange Online Service Description:…/exchange-online-service-description.aspx

  3. Lorance Simon says:

    When I go through the same set up, its not giving me an option to choose the mailbox I wanted. its saying this will add on to previously purchased E1 license.

  4. otr says:

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  5. ankur says:

    can i add archival plan on Business essential?

  6. Dan_IT says:

    I have seen the EOA as an add-on for my Business Essential subscription for the $3/user/month. But I only see it when increasing my subscription number. I’m not sure how we go about adding it to existing users.

  7. Rob says:

    Dan (and others who find this)
    It was hard to do what you were looking for but with a couple long calls with billing and technical support (roughly 3 hours combined) I was able to get through it.
    I purchased 120 business essentials licenses earlier in the year and paid for the whole year up from via CDW.

    Purchase one business essentials (selected pay for the whole year as that's my preference) via your admin portal (this is the important part). Under Purchase Services.
    Go to Billing, Subscriptions, highlight Office 365 Business Essentials, click add add-ons and you'll be able to select Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) for Exchange Online for however many you want.
    You'll be able to add this feature to your existing mailboxes (120 in my case)
    Users, active users, select a user, edit license, add the feature. The mailbox will say preparing mailbox for a few minutes.
    You still need to then turn it on:
    Edit Exchange properties, mailbox features, enable litigation hold and save.

  8. ian_pick says:

    We have a client with a number of existing Exchange Online Plan 1 licenses purchased through volume licensing. They would like to add in-place hold to some. Would we be able to purchase EOA licenses through volume licensing and add them to the users who
    require it?

  9. Pedro Tech says:

    Hi team,

    we are looking for use EOA with a Exchange 2013 on-premises. Do you have some steps that we have to follow to complete these type of scenario? We assume that we need configure Azure AD Connect in our environment but we didn't find a guide to follow to configure
    and enable the Exchange Online Archiving for our mailbox Exchange 2013 on premises.

    Thanks in advance and regards.

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