Azure Partner OnRamp Blog Series – Part 1: Azure Resource List



Josh Condie - With the recent announcements around Azure for multiple services/workloads going to General Availability including IAAS, TS2 wanted to create a Partner on-boarding blog series to help our partners ramp-up with Azure.  To begin, we have created a detailed list of resources for Azure and the different options available within the Azure platform.  This will be a dynamic list that we will update as time goes on and the service is enhanced and expanded.


Windows Azure Resource Reference

Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS)

  1. Main Windows Azure PAAS Portal
  2. Azure 101 – PAAS Training
  3. Azure VMs and Virtual Networking Video
  4. Learn Azure PAAS
  5. Azure Partner Training
  6. In Depth, Partner Training Track (free and OnDemand; requires MPN authentication)
  7. Azure PAAS Training Kit
  8. Stories, Examples and References

Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS)

1. Windows Azure: General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Scott Guthrie’s BLOG

2. Main Windows Azure IAAS Portal

3. Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Overview of new service

4. Windows Azure Virtual Machines & Networking

5. Azure Virtual Machine Pricing (General) – Pay-As-You-Go and 6 & 12 Month Plans

6. Licensing and Pricing FAQ

7. How-To Videos and Guides:

a. Getting started with Windows Azure Virtual Machines

b. Getting started with Windows Azure Virtual Network

c. Architecture Guidance: SharePoint Server in Windows Azure infrastructure services

d. Getting started: Running SQL Server in Windows Azure infrastructure services

e. Guidelines for Deploying Windows Server Active Directory in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Support Pricing and Other Readiness Resources

  1. Windows Azure Official YouTube Channel
  2. Azure Blogs
  3. Developer Center (great videos on getting started here)
  4. Windows Azure Active Directory
  5. Windows Azure Support Forums
  6. Further Azure Support Options
  7. Pricing: partner cost calculation (PAAS)
  8. Azure Full Pricing Calculator
  9. 3 Month Trial of Azure


Microsoft supports Microsoft server software running in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine environments as listed in the "More Information" section. This support is subject to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. For more information, visit the following Microsoft website:

All Microsoft software installed in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine environment must be properly licensed. Windows Azure Virtual Machines include by default a license for use of Windows Server in the Windows Azure environment. Certain Windows Azure Virtual Machine offerings may also include additional Microsoft software on a per-hour or evaluation basis. Licenses for other software must be obtained separately. For information about Microsoft’s License Mobility program see:

In some cases, specific versions of Microsoft server software are required for support. These versions are noted in this article, and the supported versions may be updated as needed.

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