SharePoint Extranet Connector Licensing

Q: (from Cary)

I have a licensing questions as it pertains to the new version of 2013 SharePoint. What is and is not an internet user, because Microsoft no longer sells "internet site license's" I want to make sure we are good to go. It looks like we can shave 45,000 dollars off our cost.



The extranet capabilities are just "granted" they don't need to be licensed or enabled. The key is "named users" who are employees or contractors need to have the Standard and optionally Enterprise Add-on CALs while non-employees/contractors (like association members) who are named users are granted access.

Here is the SharePoint Licensing page that is surprisingly clear and to-the-point (you know, for anything to do with licensing):

But don’t just look at this as a “cost savings” for your customer – point out how you can re-direct those funds to providing a more robust hardware infrastructure or enhanced SharePoint customization by your team – providing greater value to your solution.


SDeming Face Steve

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  1. Raphael Londner says:

    If I understand your post correctly, no specific license is required for authenticated external users, neither for SharePoint Foundation 2013 nor any of the SharePoint Server 2013 editions? (in an on-premise scenario).

    If so, that's a big change coming from the SharePoint 2010 licensing model.

  2. Alex Mermod says:

    There also are ways to share contents and collaborate with external people like a SharePoint 2010 Extranet or a SharePoint 2013 Extranet, saving on additional SharePoint licenses. See

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  6. Malcolm doody says:

    The "no CALs are required for external users" line from the SharePoint 2013 licensing brief appears to be at odds with the information contained in the Product Use Rights, which states that:

    CALs are not required to access content, information, and applications that you make publicly available to users over the Internet (i.e., not restricted to Intranet or Extranet scenarios).
    [January 2015 PUR (en), p36]

    The trick is to interpret "publicly available", and whether it means anyone can access it. or whether you can restrict it to a community of your liking. The bracketed piece at the end appears to say that this waiver IS NOT AVAILABLE to Intranet or Extranet

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