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Todd Sweetser



Hi Cloud Sellers!  With the commercial launch of the new Office 365 we have an amazing opportunity to deliver new solutions to our customers. A critical component of our customer discussions is being able to deliver the Office 365 business value through demonstrations that are easy to implement and engaging for the customer.

The Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) has been a tremendous asset for our field, partners, and customers. Delivering hands-on experiences to business and IT decision makers and allowing them to experience our platform of productivity solutions has been a premium experience through MEC. Historically to deliver a MEC demo required getting MEC certified and involved hardware and software preparation.  That continues to be available for those that require such a demonstration environment but now delivering demonstrations with the same philosophy, personas, and rich “day-in-the-life” scenarios within the MEC program is now available through MEC Demo!

Available immediately to all MPN Partners!

1) Register for access at ; select Microsoft Partner, log in with your MPN Partner Microsoft Account (LiveID), Select the Login under MEC Demo Affiliate, and Sign up!

2) Join us on the MPNCLOUD Yammer Network! @MEC DEMO Group

Also see recording of a webinar titled “How-To Series - Showcase the Power of Office 365, Become An Expert With the New MEC Demo Too” available here and deck that goes with this session here.

NOTE: This creates a 30 DAY TRIAL tenant.  You will need to provision a new MEC Demo tenant every 30 days (or as needed.) 

MEC Demo Is…

The MEC Demo offers a full Office 365 experience for you to demonstrate to your customer using your own Windows 8 laptop and/or slate device. MEC Demo offers an easy to use Setup Assistant to create your Office 365 E3 Trial tenant and then provision it with the “day-in-the-life” personas, content, and scenarios you need to deliver deep and amazing demos of Office 365 to your customers.

· Provides the same, rich “day-in-the-life” experience of a fully-facilitated MEC session, but in the format of shorter, individualized demos

· Lightweight demo only tool

· Best for 1:1 conversations or 1:many events

· Full MEC Demo sessions are ~30 minutes

What are the differences of MEC and MEC Demo?



Note that the previous tool, the Microsoft Office 365 demo provisioning tool, has been decommissioned and is no longer the correct method of implementing a populated Office 365 demo environment.  The MEC Demo is now it!


Thanks, and good selling!

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