Demo’ing the new Office

Q: (from Patrick)

I am delivering a new Office presentation shortly. Do you have a recording of you demoing Office 2013 that I would watch? Do you have the sample files you use to conduct the demo?



For demo files, I now use the “Take a Tour” templates that come with the new Office. They can be found in the templates when you create a new Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. If the “Take a Tour” templates aren’t available in your installation of the new Office, make sure you are online and search for the “Take a Tour” at the top of the template screen.

Although I don’t have any new Office recordings yet, I do have some recommendations regarding content you could include. I base my demo on the Microsoft presentation “10 Things You’ll Never Have to Say with the new Office” and my personal favorites. The demo includes the following features:

  • Outlook – Touch Mode, Inline Reply, Quick Peeks, Forgotten Attachment Detector
  • Word – Online Pictures, PDF Reflow, Cloud Save
  • Excel – Flash Fill, Quick Analysis, Co-Edit
  • PowerPoint – Presenter View, Smart Align, Touch Controls, Place Marker

If you want to see these features being demo’d, you can see lots of recordings at:


SDeming Face Steve

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