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One of my agents has an EDU customer with the following questions. This EDU customer has 200 students and 75 Faculty & Staff. They are currently on Office 2007. Can you help me with this?

  1. Link for EDU purposes.
  2. Office 365 comes with the code to put on computers plus the Office running through the cloud.  It also comes with storage in the cloud.  How does the storage in the cloud (SkyDrive) work for institutions/groups?
  3. Is there central administration?



There are two approaches for EDU: by individual and by organization.

Recently, Microsoft launched Office 365 University. This is purchased by the individual for a four year subscription and comes with our consumer services of Skype and SkyDrive. Office 365 Pro Plus is included for installation on up to two computers but does not have central shared storage or management.

If you are looking for a plan that is organization wide, we have the A Plans. They are similar to the E Plans but with academic pricing. Because they are based on business technologies of Lync and SharePoint. Because of the business class services, you have shared storage and management.


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