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Q: (from Nikkia)

I have a client who would like to know how many attendees can be in a Lync audio, video, web, chat meeting, please.  Do you know?  Thanks!



It took some hunting with Bing, but I found several aspects to the answer:

  • Previous versions of Lync have been tested and support up to 250 users in conference
  • Lync 2013 supports 1000 users:
  • The technical limit is about 4.2 billion users, but our testing shows that a properly designed architecture can go to 250/1000 users with predictable connectivity. The connections get unreliable after that, so we recommend setting an appropriate meeting limit based on your hardware. For example, years ago, when Microsoft first implemented Office Communications Server internally, we limited our staff to 50 connections because we hadn’t deployed the necessary hardware to support more users yet.


SDeming Face  Steve

Comments (2)

  1. William Stafford says:

    Steve – you said the limit is around 250 users using older versions of Lync (ex. 2010) but does that mean 250 users can dial in from a phone to the meeting?  I understood it to mean 250 can connect via a PC, but didn't think about people calling in.

    Does Lync have anything to do with the number of phone lines?  Who handles that if not?

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