Partner Resolutions for the New Year!


Woody Walton


If you are in the eastern Time zone it is already 2013!  So happy New Year to you.  If you are like me, you have an hour or two left.  In any case with the new year comes resolutions!  …As I am recommending resolutions to you, I will refrain from the “quit smoking” and “lose weight”  variety and stick to a few simple ones that will pay off for you big in the new year.



Microsoft offers rebates to VARs that sell our products though volume licensing.  We refresh this rebate program each semester and each partner organization must re-enroll each “half”  The H1 program for our fiscal year ended tonight (or ends tonight depending where you are at present).  Although we have not stood up the site to allow for H2 Fiscal year 2013 registrations you will want to check soon and make sure you get this done.  …I cannot tell you how many partners leave thousands of dollars in rebate on the table due to oversight.

The U.S. VAR Rebate Program allows you to earn up to 20 percent in rebates when you sell annuity agreements, specifically Microsoft Open Value, both new (license & Software Assurance [L&SA]) and renewal (Software Assurance only).

You will be able to register at the same ONEVIEW site here in the coming weeks.  View the U.S. VAR Rebate Program Terms and Conditions. at your leisure.


2.) Leverage Microsoft Offers and Incentives to maximize customer savings, Partner Discounts and Potential Subsidies.

Past programs such as the Big Easy are not guaranteed to happen in the future, but it is always a good idea to check our offers and incentives site routinely.

The customer facing is also a good site to add to your favorites.   …I put in a recurring calendar reminder to check the site monthly for any updates, new promos, or changes.  If you knew the dollars in savings that go unclaimed from these programs annually your jaw would drop.  That is why it is so important to routinely visit and keep up to speed with what is going on at Microsoft.  These programs and incentives are designed to help you sell our technologies and make you more profitable in doing so.


Happy New Year!





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