Part 5. Setting up a Windows Server 2012 Cluster

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Rob Waggoner


Today I wanted to make sure and cover setting up the Hyper-V Cluster for Windows Server 2012.  There is so much new stuff to show you that I broke this video into two parts.  Part 1 will walk through the hardware setup and the actual cluster wizard.  Part 2 will take over after the cluster is created walk you through the validation report and cluster configuration and then place virtual machines in the cluster.



Here is some reference material that will help you with setting up your Windows Server 2012 Cluster.

What's New in Failover Clustering

Use Cluster Shared Volumes in a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster


This session is part of a series of screen casts around Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, you can go to this link to access the whole series.

So you want to get started with (Windows Server 2012) Hyper-V? Start here! – In Summary

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  1. A cluster is vital for HA/DR so this is a great session on creating one!


    BI Goals

  2. carl says:

    I’d much rather have screen shots than a video. sometimes I’m just looking for help with one section, which i can easily find on a webpage but have to watch the whole video for 5 seconds worth of content. also people at work cant always watch videos.

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