Why buy Office Standard 2013 or Office Professional Plus 2013?


J.J. Antequino


Because those are the only versions of the New Office that you can purchase for your customers and install today!

December 1st is here, and all of your Volume License customers can now get their hands on it.

The Office 365 and Consumer offerings will be here soon, but I wanted to discuss what’s here NOW.


Take a look at the highlighted sections. 

Even small businesses can appreciate more security and control with Group Policy.  If they would like to use Office inside of a Terminal Service or Application Virtualization environment, these two versions offer that.  Finally, these volume license versions of Office include secondary install rights so that a user can run a copy on his or her desktop AND laptop.

You will find that the upcoming consumer versions are definitely action packed, but if your customers are looking for the benefits I’ve mentioned above, they will need Office Standard or Pro Plus… so don’t delay and contact your distributor for a quote today!

Need more training and resources?  Take a look at Woody’s blog post for some great links: http://blogs.technet.com/b/uspartner_ts2team/archive/2012/12/01/new-thorough-office-2013-content-on-mpn-to-support-launch.aspx

Comments (5)

  1. amitkhare82@gmail.com says:

    Nice comparison..

  2. Steve says:

    Are the language packs available on both Office

    2013 standard and Pro?

  3. Deb says:

    when opening an e-mail with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 that has an attachment that is for "read only", some people would like to be able to make printing changes to the attachment and save those changes back in the same e-mail which they were able to do with 2003 version but with 2013, they have to save the file to a directory.

    Any suggestions to help them be able to save within the same e-mail?

  4. marci says:

    If you have Microsoft Word 2010 and download 2013..will this override it?  I know with Office 365 you have to pay yearly.  With 2013 do you have to pay or once you have it you are fine?

  5. Geeta Registrar, IT Consultant says:

    we have hosted exchange online with Microsoft and desktops and laptops are using purchased copies of office home and business 2013. We could not see the archive folders on client machine. We talked to some one at Microsoft and as per advise we purchsed
    office pro 2013 and no luck. So before we buy more different versions can some one help us with what is correct product we need to buy?

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