New Thorough Office 2013 Content on MPN to Support Launch


Woody Walton


The needle in the haystack.  This syndrome is one I routinely hear from partners looking for good content on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) or even on Microsoft proper form time to time.   These sites are not perfect and one can sometimes experience difficulty finding the right resource, but recent strides have made certain content more discoverable and digestible.  …You may prefer a single indexed list of all PowerPoint decks on MPN that is sorted by solution, but like me you will likely be waiting a while! Winking smile

In the mean time take a look at all the refreshed content on the MPN Office 2013 Preview landing page

Taken from the page are several links below.



Read the latest Office news.

Listen to new recorded sessions about competitive sales scenarios.

Licensing resources

Distributor training—localized content 

Office demos to use with your customers:

  • Deploy the new Office
  • Introduction to the new Office
  • Overview of the new Office for IT administrators

For partners serving small and medium businesses (SMBs):

For partners serving enterprise businesses:

Advisor program:


I would call attention to Licensing Resources as it includes a deck I have been using under NDA for some time.  It contains useful slides like this one that differentiate the versions nicely:





Additionally, the Introduction deck portray graphical images of several of the killer new features such as Flashfill in Excel 2013:




All in all I cannot recommend these updated resources more highly.  It should be everything you need to get started or to catch up on the changes (both licensing and technology wise) with the New Office.  Funny thing is most of those links above take you to the improved Ready To Go site.  Might want to spend a little time there browsing around; never know what you might find!







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