New USB Flash Drives Certified for Windows-to-Go!!!

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Woody Walton


In my previous post Client Disaster Recovery, Yet another Reason to Consider Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows To Go! on September 30th I discussed one of the many advantages of Windows To Go, which is available through Windows 8 Enterprise.  If you still need to brush up on all Windows To Go has to offer please read up on the subject in the TechNet Windows To Go Overview.


I mentioned in the earlier post that only a few USB flash drives were certified for Windows To Go.  Well, I have an update! As of November 15th and Less than one month after the general release of Windows 8, we now have 2 more for a total of 4 supported manufacturers with several size options each!!  Here is some reformatted information taken from the Windows To Go Overview.




  • Spyrus Portable Workplace ( –Hardware Encrypted!!!!
    Microsoft recommends that you run the Spyrus Deployment Suite for Windows To Go to provision the Spyrus Portable Workplace, which can be found at as well. An important note is that you must use the Spyrus Deployment Suite for Windows To Go to provision the Spyrus Secure Portable Workplace.



  • Western Digital My Passport Enterprise (
    Microsoft recommends that you run the WD Compass utility to prepare the Western Digital My Passport Enterprise drive for provisioning with Windows To Go.  For more information about the WD Compass utility please refer to


The prices vary widely based on size and brand, but if you need capacity the Western Digital is 500GB and reflects the more traditional external 2.5 inch footprint, while the Spyrus appears to be identical in form to the sleek Super Talent RC 8 yet boasting hardware encryption.   Super Talent has a 100GB model for $350.00 and the Western Digital is $119.00.   Pricing options for smaller size Drives is less, but remember these drives are SSDs in USB flash form factor.  Here is a summary of the optimizations for Windows To Go certification from the aforementioned overview:

  • Windows To Go certified flash drives are built for high random read/write speeds and support the thousands of random access I/O operations per second required for running normal Windows workloads smoothly.
  • Windows To Go certified drives have been tuned to ensure they boot and run on hardware certified for use with either Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Windows To Go certified drives are built to last. Certified drives are backed with manufacturer warranties and should continue operating under normal usage. Refer to the manufacturer websites for warranty details.

My perusal of the manufacturer sites shows a two year warranty for most of the Solid state flash drives.


Now all we need is for the prices to continue to drop!  And barring any debt cliff hyper inflation issues I am sure they will do just that!

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