Being a Nerd: Wireless VGA/HDMI

OK… So I’m a self proclaimed nerd AND a presenter. This naturally leads to a frustration around showing Windows 8 to customers while using a tablet: the tablet computer is all about mobility and freedom but I had to be “tethered” to the projector with a VGA or HDMI cable.

Now I found several devices that would let my Windows 7 computers wirelessly redirect their video output over wireless USB and they worked quite well – but none of the drivers had been updated for or supported Windows 8.

As an interim solution, I found a very thin, fifteen foot HDMI cable that went from the micro HDMI output of my Samsung Series 7 or Surface RT device to a full sized HDMI connector (I found mine at MicroCenter: HDMI Male to Micro HDMI Male Cable). To allow me to connect to an existing HDMI cable I needed an HDMI female to female adapter (MicroCenter: HDMI Female to Female Gender Changer) which also allows me connect to VGA via an HDMI to VGA adapter (OK, I’m not a MicroCenter shill, but they are my local “I must have it NOW” store: HDMI to VGA w/Audio). This whole pile of toys gives me some freedom, but I’m still tethered to the projector with a 10+ foot roaming radius.

But last week I found the solution I was looking for: StreamHD by Warpia (SWP120A Rev B)! It uses a very small USB transmitter that I plug into the tablet after installing the proper drivers. The base station receiver offers both HDMI and VGA w/audio outputs. I’ve tested the experience with both standard definition and high definition projectors: check. Displaying side-by-side new Windows 8 applications on a high def projector: check. Leveraging the automatic multi-monitor detection and support of PowerPoint 2013: check. Wirelessly projecting a video with sound: check. Looking forward to my next live demonstration of Windows 8 and my newfound freedom: check, check, check!

Now, in all fairness, it doesn’t solve all of my problems; they have PC and Mac drivers, but don’t have drivers for the Windows RT OS (and I don’t know their plans on this front) but it’s a solid start. I’m interested in hearing about your solutions for wireless VGA and showing Windows 8 to your customers. I love being a nerd.


SDeming Face  Steve

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  1. Luca says:

    Hi Steve,

    Did you find the solution for Windows RT?



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