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In past posts, my teammates and I have blogged about Microsoft Competencies, just search our blog with “Competency”. 

However, while recently supporting the HTG Summit and IT Nation in Orlando Florida, the topic of Exam 74-324 came up a lot.  Many asked about this new exam, and what preparation materials are available.  With the end of the year just around the corner, for many partners, closing the year strong is important, but I wanted to make sure everybody is aware that the $999.00 promotion for the Small Business Silver competency ends 12/31/2012.

SB Competency

Requirements for Small Business Competency



Training for Exam 74-324 – Jump Start on TechNet -

TN Video

In session 01 - Join Stephen Hall and Chris Oakman providing an effective overview of the Office 365 service, offering, features and overall requirements. Additionally, Stephen illustrates how administrators can choose between Portals and PowerShell as the primary tools to administer Office 365. The module finishes with both of these partners explaining the opportunity for Microsoft Partners as well as how and why partners should get started.

There also seems to be some “Non-Microsoft” exam preparation materials now available as well, use your favorite search engine <Insert BING> , and search for “Exam 74-324”, always use caution and choose a reputable provider of test prep materials.

Hope this information helps on your pursuit of the Small Business Competency.


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