Hosting Your Own Windows 8 Event

Q: (from Bill)

I’ve got a Windows 8 sneak preview event next Thursday.  I’m starting to build up my presentation / demo.  Any topic suggestions?



First off, are you aware of Diane Golshan’s blog on Windows 8 Partner Readiness Resources?

When I deliver a Windows 8 presentation, I focus on smooth transition from what they know while exposing new opportunities. I believe one of the Windows 8 value propositions is how you can do what you’ve always done with a keyboard and mouse on the Start Screen and the Desktop while you can use touch with the New UI Apps – all on the same device. Here’s the demo that JJ shared with the team and I used at SMB Nation:

  • Show picture password – Talk about different ways to logon (PIN, Regular Password)
  • Speak about how to log in to a domain, that multiple users can have profiles on the device, and how this device can be managed with group policy application/security
  • Go over the Start Screen and show how to move around by touch, mouse or keyboard.
  • Talk about live tiles….. Move them around… Talk about personalization
  • Open up a few apps – Weather App, Drawing App, Game
  • If you have an internet connection, open up IE 10 to show touch enabled browser
  • Transition to Desktop view… show IE 10 on the desktop… then show full use of Office 2010 (as a teaser) and then segue to Office 2013 discussion if appropriate

Good luck with the event and thanks for supporting Microsoft.


SDeming Face  Steve

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