Small Business Server 2011 Software Assurance Grant

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Rob Waggoner


Question (from Louis):

When a client has SBS 2011 with SA and then want to migrate to 2012, I understand they receive one Server 2012 license and 1 Exchange 2010 license but my question is this: is the customer then responsible for the Server 2012 and Exchange 2010 Cals?


Reviewing the Windows Server 2012 Licensing and Pricing FAQ here (it’s a PDF), question 42 provides the following answer:

If you have Software Assurance on Small Business Server 2011 Standard CAL, you will receive one Windows Server 2012 CAL license and one Exchange Server CAL license.
This grant will be reflected upon your agreement renewal; however you are entitled to use the granted product upon availability.

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Comments (1)

  1. John says:

    Hi Rob

    If I have SBS Standard 2011 with SA I know that it came with a 5 pack of Cals but does that breakdown into 5 Server Standard 2012 Cals and 5 Exchange Cals? or just one or the other?

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