So you want to use Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard?


J.J. Antequino


Over the past few weeks, I have been speaking with Partners about my experience with Windows 8…. and I LOVE it!

I now use my Windows 8 tablet exclusively.

And of course I always show it off when I get the chance Smile

Inevitably, people ask me how they can get Windows 8…. and can they upgrade their existing machines.

Generally, these existing machines are not touch enabled, so I have to explain that Windows 8 can still be used with a mouse and keyboard!

There are some tips and tricks to get things done quickly, but I recommend scrolling down through Woody’s post to see some of the mouse gestures:

as well as some great information from the Windows 8 team here:

In the latter post you will see a link to the Keyboard shortcuts:

download the PDF or download the XPS

All I have to say is that the WINDOWS KEY is your friend!

I love using touch while on the road, but the keyboard shortcuts help me get things done QUICKLY when I’m sitting at my desk.

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  1. kishhr says:

    windows 8 provide single API to deal with all 3 stuffs, keyboard, mouse, toch interface

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