Great New Windows 8 Training Resources on the OEM Sales Center!

Woody Walton 2010


Woody Walton


Keeping in mind that there are many types of Microsoft partners, it is always a good idea to snoop around and see what training, readiness, and customer focused content is available for the partner community at large, even if it does not map to precisely what you do.

We are constantly referring all of you to the Microsoft Learning Plan tool and other “go-to” resources, in fact my peer Ron Grattopp just posted a consolidated list of learning and training resources in his US Partner Skills Development Update post.  This is a fairly thorough list of resources and I compliment Ron in putting it together, but with the importance of the Windows 8 launch, I wanted to make certain you were all aware of some new Windows 8 content posted on our OEM training site at the OEM Sales Center.


Under the Windows 8 Section you will find 13 PowerPoint training presentations that are divided into the three categories of  1.) LEARN IT, 2.) KNOW IT

and 3.) SELL IT.


The information portrayed in the “Learn It” section is refreshing as it starts with the assumption that you know nothing about Windows 8, even to the point of explaining in a 46 slide deck how to use Windows 8 entitled “How Windows 8 Works”.   That is not to say it is complicated to use Windows 8, just that the presentation is thorough with many screen shots.  An example of perhaps the most salient slide is below:




Until yesterday I had seen nothing even remotely similar to this presentation, and had I not explored a resource that is not in my usual list of suspects, I never would have found it.

The interesting thing is that in addition to the “how it works” presentation, there are Sales presentations for SMB and Enterprise customers, detailed Activation, SKU, and upgrading drilldowns and much more. All of the training presentations I looked at were valuable in some way to ANY Microsoft Partner that is interested in Windows 8.

Use it for what it is worth.  Windows 8 represents a great opportunity for you, esp. when you think of all the new bring your own device,(BYOD), Flexible work style and Mobile worker scenarios that it supports.   In order to tell the story everyone in your organization should be able to demonstrate and speak confidently around Windows 8.   For those that have not been following along thus far, this may be a great place to start!


Only 55 days until Windows 8 Launch!







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