Are your customers using the Office 365 seats they’ve paid for?


J.J. Antequino


Recently, I was speaking with an Office 365 partner who was interested in finding out whether or not his customers were close to using up all of their Office 365 licenses.

To find this information out, all you have to do is log in to the Office 365 admin portal, and select “Licenses” underneath the Subscriptions section.  From there you will see the “Assigned” column.


I’d encourage you to log in and take a look at this periodically, as it may not only help uncover some opportunities for you to setup some new users, but also give you a better understanding of where your customers are sitting.  If they do have any seats that are unassigned, have a conversation with them about how they can best utilize these seats today.  That way, once the renewal comes up, you can have a great conversation around growing their subscription base rather than subtracting from it Smile

Don’t forget that if you have any unassigned seats sitting there that you sold after June 11th, 2012, you still have until June 29th to take advantage of the MigrationWiz promotion to migrate up to 200 mailboxes per customer FOR FREE!  You also only have until June 30th to sell some Office 365 and take advantage of the Big Easy promotion!

Fellow TS2er Steve Deming summarized both of these [HERE]!

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