Office 365 June Promotions: MigrationWiz and the Big Easy


What incentives are available to help me close Office 365 deals in the last two weeks of June 2012?



OK… So it’s not a question from a specific partner, but it is something every partner should be asking right now. In the interest of closing our FY12 sales strong, Microsoft has several promotions running now through the end of June:


Brand New! U.S. Microsoft Migration License Promotion for Office 365

For qualified U.S. partners we have exciting news to help you migrate your customer’s mailboxes during this month of June to Office 365.  Microsoft is pleased to announce the Microsoft Migration License Promotion to assist with migrating new customer purchases, or those that have already purchased Office 365 but not migrated yet.

Offer Description:

Receive up to two hundred (200) MigrationWizTM  Premium Mailbox Migration licenses for each qualifying customer migration initiated and completed between June 11th and June 29th, 2012.

Offer Period:

June 11 through June 29, 2012

Offer Definitions:

Qualifying customer “Migration” means initiating and completing the migration of an email mailbox between June 11, 2012 and June 29th, 2012 of a unique U.S. commercial customer to a qualified Microsoft Office 365 paid subscription using the MigrationWizTM mailbox migration solution.   The unique U.S. customer must have purchased a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 online service where Participant is listed as Partner of Record and submitted to Microsoft via the Microsoft Online Customer Portal at prior to June 29th, 2012.   

For each “Migration”, Participant will receive one MigrationWizTM Premium Mailbox Migration license for each email box migrated using the MigrationWizTM migration solution to the customer’s Microsoft Office paid subscription, up to 200 Premium Mailbox Migration licenses per customer.  Participant can qualify for licenses for multiple qualifying customer “Migrations” if they are migrating more than one customer, but only after they have used all the licenses from the previous customer “Migration”. 

How to get Started:

Please review the complete terms and conditions at for further details on the offer. 

Participant must follow the following steps to receive their licenses:

  1. Sign up for an account at:
  2. Fill out the form to request your licenses at:  You will be asked for the following information when you fill out the form:
  • Participant Partner Of Record ID
  • Customer Primary Domain Name (
  • Number of mailboxes you will move that you are requesting licenses for, up to 200


Ongoing! Big Easy 8

I know my peers have already blogged about this, but I love the partner subsidy rebates. But I wanted to highlight that Office 365 deals have a 15% rebate!

If you aren’t familiar with this program, a percentage of the recommended retail price of the product is returned to the customer in the form of a check. The catch is that the check is made out to the partner; the customer can then use the check to pay for additional software or services using that money. The way I look at it, the customer is happy because they got some money back from Microsoft, the partner should be happy because they don’t have to discount their services to help close the sale, and Microsoft is happy because we got to close another software sale: Win, Win, Win! This is our 8th iteration which started earlier this year and runs through the end of June. Details can be found on the Big Easy site.


Other reseller promotions can be found here.


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