Getting an Extension on an Office 365 Trial

Q: (from Jackie)

I would like your input on a situation I currently have with one of my potential sales of Office 365 and Windows Intune.

I convinced a customer of mine to let me setup a trial account for Office 365.  I have not setup his Windows Intune yet as I will be managing his Intune for him.  However it was setup 2+ weeks ago but I have not been able get the needed time to guide the key customer contact (Police Chief) on how to use/login or test it as a solution for them.  He just contacted me on Fri. of last week saying “sorry I haven’t had time to look at the new stuff yet – it’s been a busy week”.

This is a government customer (City and Police) and I am 95% sure of a successful close for this deal for 6+ licenses for each.  Potentially even more.  The pain-point is the inability to collaborate and communicate to and from their patrol cars and deputies using the air cards as well as the difficulty of managing IT assets in patrol cars.  Furthermore they currently have no intranet, web server, server (looking to pitch SBS 2011 Essentials as well).  I feel if I can get them exposed and using Office 365 technology they will make the investment.

My question is how should I get an extension for this so that he can use the demo?



We see this a lot – people are enthusiastic to get the trial started and the life gets in the way. The good news is that we do have a trial extension process:

Confirmation that you can request an extension is found near the bottom of page 2 of the Office 365 Trial Guide:

As long as the current trial is still active, you can request an extension from the Office 365 Support Team. Instructions on how to contact support are found in the same document on page 66.


SDeming Face  Steve

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  1. sarah says:

    I want to prevent anyone from reading this to go through what I just did on the phone with customer service.

    I found this post while searching about extending a trial because I downloaded Office 365 3 weeks ago and have not had the chance to really look at it due to moving and be out of town. I have a freelance design business and we currently use Google for all of our doc sharing and storage. I called the number on page 66 and spoke to a representative in Bangalo, India who refused to extend the trial and wouldn’t put her supervisor on the phone. She said her supervisors name is Shawn Shoubick.

    Without even having the chance to try out your product in it’s entirety, I’m more than a little disappointed and unless you can have someone contact me to extend the trial, you just lost a possible life long customer.

    Sarah @ Stellar Creative Design Studios

  2. sarah says:

    ps my email is sarah at youarestellar dot com

  3. modulusd says:

    OSPPREARM.EXE is a resource allocated to ALL MS Office trial downloads. To access this inclusive resource for personal trial enhancement, follow these simple steps:
    1. Before trial expires, open ‘File Explorer’
    2. Search in ‘This PC’ for “OSPPREARM.EXE"
    3. Right click the ‘OSPPREARM.EXE’ file and select the ‘Open file location’ option
    4. Hold down ‘Shift’ key and right click on the ‘OSPPREARM.EXE’ file
    5. Select the ‘Copy as path’ option
    6. Open ‘Command Prompt’ as administrator
    7. Right click within the black area of the ‘Administrator: Command Prompt’ window and select the ‘Paste’ option
    8. Press ‘Enter’
    9. ‘Command Prompt’ returns “Microsoft Office rearm successful.”
    10. Once you have achieved your own personal level of maximum trial enhancement, upgrade by purchasing a ‘Product Key’ to appease overeager licensing police;)

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