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Josh Condie – In my many interactions with our SMB partner community throughout the year, I often come away with requests to assemble and consolidate targeted training resources for partners looking to start a new practice or update old skillsets in preparation for a new product release.  Until recently, this almost always entailed scouring Technet, MSDN and for hidden gems that were otherwise not obvious to the non-Microsoft FTE.  Through these efforts over the years I became a Boolean language master, and a guy who should have been called “The Scrounger,” for those “Great Escape” fans out there.  It shouldn’t be this difficult, and now with the Partner Learning Tool on MPN, it’s not.

Please take a few moments to orient yourself to this amazing new resource.  It is already flush with technical and pre-sales content for the recent releases of SQL Server 2012 and System Center 2012, and is already filling up with great Windows Server 2012 training.  All of it is quality audio/video production and delivery.  It also contains training for certification tracks, recorded webinars and hands-on-labs, and can launched on a moments notice (MPN authentication required).


Windows Server 2012 Offerings


SQL Server 2012 Offerings



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