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By now as a Microsoft Partner, hopefully you are aware that Microsoft is on a July 01 – June 30th Fiscal Year.  This attributes to many incentives, both Partner and Customer oriented ending on June 30th.  We have had many great opportunities for both over the past fiscal year, and I wanted to call special attention to a couple we currently have in market with upcoming deadlines making sure all partners are aware, and taking advantage for a strong end of quarter. 

Some links to previous locations have change, so here are the current locations of our existing promotions:

Partners -

US Partners VAR Rebate -

Customers -

Highlighting a few major opportunities for you to help close the quarter strong:

Big Easy 8 – The big Easy 8 will END June 30th, 2012, which means Customers must “Purchase” the software by June 30th.  After completing the purchase, you then have 30 days to complete the forms to redeem the Big Easy 8 incentive.  The Big Easy 8 is a customer based incentive that provides partner subsidy dollars for the customer to pay for YOUR services.  For more information on the Big Easy 8 – check out my earlier blog post -

BE8 Payout

VAR Rebate – This is a great incentive for our partners to receive rebate dollars for selling Microsoft Solutions.  While the rebate is running through June 30, 2012 – Partners must complete a simple  sign-up process prior to June 15th, 2012.

VAR Rebate

Turn on Lync - Make the switch to software-based VoIP for rich features that go beyond the phone. Save up to 20 percent on L&SA for Lync Server 2010 Plus CAL and Lync Server 2010 Plus CAL for ECAL Suite. – For more information -


Don’t leave money on the table and make sure you are aware of these great opportunities to not only close the deal, but add some additional revenue to your business.  Thank you for your continued partnership and a here is to great end of the quarter.


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