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Woody Walton


I have had a few blog posts in the past around Lync and the opportunity it represents.  Specifically, in November I posted on the Lync Appliances as a way to get into the market without needing a lot of technical acumen initially.    You can read that post here.

Today I come to you with another Lync related resource that may be of interest to you.   I came upon it accidentally while browsing our intranet for some content.   I came upon an internal blog post by an old co-worker if mine, Tim Armstrong.  He was going on about Lync Partner Connect.   Well, I did not know anything about Lync Partner Connect, so I checked it out and SO SHOULD YOU!

One of the things I have found a little frustrating over the last few years is the lack of generally consumable information on Lync  on the partner portal for partners without a Unified Communications Competency.   This ha improved over the last 6 months, specifically with the addition of the practice accelerators on Lync Server Enterprise Voice, keeping in mind they require the use of advisory hours to consume. 


Lync is a fairly complex implementation (see the aforementioned post for more details) and any support partners can get is a huge boon.  Step in Lync-Partner-Connect.

In Tim's words:

Lync Partner Connect is the new online sales and marketing community where partners can connect with Microsoft and each other to stay up to date on news, hot topics, best practices, training opportunities and other business issues related to Lync and the UC channel.

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 Additionally, you may want to check out some of the other Lync partner resources below (Thanks to Diane Golshan in her Lync Partner Connect post for furnishing this updated resource list):

What better way to get the skinny than from the horses mouth AND also from peers who have established Lync practices.  I have subscribed, have you?




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