Reward yourself with an XBOX with the new Ready-to-Go Marketing Rewards program!


J.J. Antequino


This is really cool stuff!

I’ve been a big proponent of our Ready-To-Go campaigns… FREE and CUSTOMIZABLE marketing materials for you to use with your customers!?  Seriously? 

Yes. Seriously.

As a Microsoft Partner, we’ve given you content that you’d probably spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce on your own.

And now, we are even REWARDING you for using that content!

Happy Birthday!! Smile

In a nutshell:

  • RTG Partner Rewards Program: This program gives Microsoft partners the ability to accrue points by using RTG resources. 
  • Partners receive points for using sales proposals, syndicating web content and hosting events on target products.
  • Initial campaigns focus on SQL Server and Windows Server.
  • These points can be used to buy items from the Microsoft Store (software, hardware, xBox, etc.).
  • Look for the clip_image001logo throughout the Ready-to-Go Marketing site upon logging in with your LIVE ID. Once you download RTG Rewards content, you will accrue points.

Here are a couple of screenshots of some of the Earning Activities:



And here are some items that you can reward yourself from the Marketplace:


From this example, you can see that I can earn enough points to get myself a 4GB XBOX 360 by hosting a Campaign Event and Syndicating our Windows Server Upgrade and Virtualization content!

Of course we are going to need to verify that you have actually performed these activities Smile

Head on over to to get started!

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