Private Cloud–What does that mean to Microsoft ?

Bryan Von Axelson 2010

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Just because you are using Virtualization technologies, does not mean you have a private cloud.  I have been speaking about Pro-active Management for several years, and now as we move into the “Cloud World” we start to hear certain definitions – Public Cloud, Private Cloud, SAAS – Software as a Service, PAAS – Platform as a service, IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service, DAAS – Desktop as a Service.  Recently I have been involved in the strategy for System Center 2012, and I came across this short video that does a great job of defining “Private Cloud” from a Microsoft perspective.  As you watch this short video, think about moving from Re-active to Pro-active Automated Management.

Private Cloud–What does that really mean

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  1. Tim Barrett says:

    That Private Cloud video makes me want to buy a Ford F150.

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