Sales Specialist Virtualization & Management merge

Bryan Von Axelson 2010

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Hopefully you are aware Microsoft, based on feedback from many partners, changed the Virtualization and Systems Management individual competencies into one competency starting in May 2012.  For more information check out this post - Competency Merge  Part of this change was a new Sales Assessment that is now available, or download the Management and Virtualization competency guide.

Sales Assessment Updated: Both the Systems Management 591411 and Virtualization 586945 assessments have been replaced with Private Cloud 799417.  Now take only one - the Private Cloud Assessment

Assessment Merge 1

Assessment Merge 2

For more information on the Microsoft Sales Specialist - Rob Waggoner, one of my teammates has done a great job with his blog post on Sales Specialist.

For more information on Competency updates, there is a new Competency Roadmap PDF available – April 2012

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