Will App-V resolve OS compatibility issues?

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Q: (from Stuart) Is App-V OS independent?  By this, I mean can you run applications that are incompatible with Windows 7 by using App-V on a Windows 7 workstation?

A:  No, App-V does not provide any OS compatibility assistance, MED-V does that.  Here’s a good article that discusses both.  Here is the section that clarifies the capabilities of each:

Benefits of MED-V versus App-V

MED-V and App-V are two very different technologies that can easily work together to solve your application operating system compatibility issues. By using App-V, you create an individualized package for each application, each of which is then kept separate from the others. Each virtual application can then be immediately delivered to the end user, which is very useful for a Windows 7 deployment strategy.

MED-V does not handle applications individually. Instead, it creates an additional instance of Windows XP on the same desktop that is running Windows 7. You can install as many applications as necessary into this virtual image and manage the image just as you would any other desktop in your organization.

In addition, you can use MED-V together with App-V so that virtual applications that are sequenced through App-V are installed, published, and managed by using MED-V.

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